Frequently Asked Questions

1. What footwear/ Clothing is best suited?

If you intend to venture on the rocks, then water shoe or runners, shorts and T-shirt is fine, only you need to remember your sunscreen.

2. Is there protection against rainfall?

Yes and No, on-board you are fine, but on walk about trips like Fort Island etc. you may need to bring along an umbrella.

3. Is Bartica an Island?

No! It’s located at the conflux of the mighty Essequibo, the Mazaruni and Cuyuni Rivers.

4. Will there be wildlife to see on these trips?

Sometimes, more than likely you will get to see some of Guyana’s rare birds and animal species.

5. Is there fishing gear available? Are we afforded the time to fish?

On some packages, definitely no, on others yes, but be sure to ask the agent at our bookings and they may be able to make some accommodations for you.

6. Can I take food or snacks on-board with me?

Of Course! Only we limit the use of onboard alcohol as the safety of our guests is of utmost importance to us.

7. Is smoking allowed on the board?

No! All our vessels and buses are smoke-free again we take the safety and health of our guest very seriously.

8. Is Hogg Island really bigger than Barbados?

No! Definitely not! Hogg island is just about 23 square miles, whilst Barbados is 166 square miles.

However, Hogg Island is larger than many of the smaller islands of the Caribbean.

9. Is there water or snacks available for sale on-board?

No! but we can arrange for your convenience and very soon we plan to add an onboard canteen.

10. Are there restrooms aboard?

No! However, at our regular stops, we will do our best to accommodate you as the need arises.

11. Do you allow pets on-board?

No! However, you can speak with the bookings agent regarding same and they may be able to work something out for you. But please do not show up with pets on the day of the tour unless advised otherwise.

12. Are there lifejackets on board?

Yes. We provide life jackets for all persons on-board.